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Planned Giving

Create your legacy with a planned gift to WRWA that can help you meet financial goals while providing long term support to protect and restore the Westport River and its watershed. There are a number of creative ways to give. Be sure to consult your financial advisor or attorney.


In 1997 member Margo Boote left a large bequest to WRWA. Her generosity and prior planning with her financial advisor was “the beginning of new beginnings” for the organization.

A bequest can be made through your will or retirement plan where you specify the assets you wish to leave to WRWA. Your estate can take a charitable deduction for the full amount of your bequest. If you have already written your will, you can add a codicil to include your bequest.


When you designate all or a portion of unspent retirement fund assets, you may find it is worth more than when left to your heirs.

LIFE INCOME GIFT     $10,000 minimum

A Life Income Gift allows you to receive income payments for life over a fixed period of time in exchange for your gift of cash, appreciated securities, or other assets such as real estate.


You can provide regular support to WRWA for a defined period of time (a specific number of years or an individual’s lifetime), then, when the trust terminates, the remaining assets are paid to your heirs.