Horseshoe Crab Talk

Date: January 28th
Time: 4pm on  Zoom 
Register: Free Program, send an email to to register


The Westport River Watershed Alliance will be hosting on-line events in the coming months with guest speakers elaborating on topics related to our natural environment. The public is invited to sign up and take part in these interesting virtual lectures.

On January 28, Dr. Dan Gibson will present an illustrated talk on Horseshoe Crabs, the mythic, mystical, and misunderstood throwbacks to the earliest of sea creatures.   Dr. Gibson began his Ph.D. research on them at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole and is still studying their development, natural history, and neurobiology at the MBL. As a member of the Horseshoe Crab Conservation Association, Dr. Gibson is an active advocate for the mindful use and preservation of this irreplaceable resource. His talk will feature their biomedical contributions, their role in Nobel Prize-winning vision research, their development from eggs to adulthood, and their critical role in food webs.