Horseshoe Crab Brown Bag Lunch Talk

Date: February 6, 2020
Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: River Center, 493 Old County Road

Curious About Horseshoe Crabs? Dr. Dan Gibson will enlighten you with an illustrated presentation on these mythic, mystical, and misunderstood throwbacks to the earliest of sea creatures. 

 His own fascination with these legendary animals dates from 1975, when he began his Ph.D. research on them at Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. Today he is still studying their development, natural history, and neurobiology at MBL, after retiring from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  As a member of the Horseshoe Crab Conservation Association, Dr. Gibson is an active advocate for the mindful use and preservation of this irreplaceable resource.  

His talk will feature their biomedical contributions, their role in Nobel Prize-winning vision research, their development from eggs to adulthood, and their critical role in food webs. 

Bring a lunch or snack and come learn about these amazing creatures. RSVP by emailing