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    We Made It!

    On October 21st we announced exciting fundraising news for the River Center Project.   A generous donor made a challenge to our members – offering to match dollar for dollar every new gift or pledge made until December 15th, up to $100,000.  Not only did our loyal membership meet that challenge, they have brought us ever closer to our fundraising goal and just in time for the beginning of construction.

    As we draw near to the close of 2017, we remind you that we are still in the midst of our Annual Fund Appeal.  These funds support our operating budget and essentially “keep the lights on”.  If you haven’t yet made your gift to the Annual Fund, we would very much appreciate your doing so before the end of the year.

    We are humbled by the generosity of our many donors.    

    Thank you for your on-going support.  We all have much to be thankful for during this holiday season and we wish the very best to you and your family.

    Watershed Education Program Booklet


    We are pleased to share a report on our Watershed Education Program led by WRWA Education Director, Shelli Costa. We are proud of the accomplishments and of the long term positive impact our Education programs have on local students. The Watershed Education Program is an interdisciplinary, environmental education program developed by WRWA in collaboration with teachers from the watershed schools.  The key to successful pollution prevention and preservation of our watershed resources is to provide the future stewards of the region with the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to become effective decision makers.  The Westport River Watershed Alliance firmly believes this can be accomplished through hands-on programs, and creative thinking skills emphasized in our Watershed Education Program.


    NEW – 2018 WRWA Calendar

    The new 2018 WRWA calendar is in! This edition comes with Westport River tides and heights.  The colorful photos for the new calendar were taken by local photographers as part of our annual photo contest.


    Calendar with shipping $23  

    Calenders are $20 and available at WRWA’s office, or at the following retail locations: Lees Market, Partners Village Store, Dedee Shattuck Gallery.  For out-of-towners, contact us and we can mail you one.


    Westport Point Poems

    This paperback book by Richard Dey, a former commercial fisherman and resident here, spans some four decades and includes poems based on offshore lobstering and swordfishing out of Westport Point as well as on sailing a Beetle Cat on the Westport River. Many of the poems were first published in magazines ranging from Poetry to Sail. In endorsing the book, Westport resident and former editor of The New York Times Book Review Charles McGrath says, “He writes with a sturdy New England eloquence and makes poetry from what many of us take for granted: this sandy, rocky coast; the changeable offshore waters; the stubborn, deep-souled people who live and work here.”  Proceeds from the sale of the book have been generously donated to WRWA.

    $17 to purchase book with shipping

    Mission Statement

    The goals of the Westport River Watershed Alliance are to:

    • promote the environmental integrity of the watershed and its coastal environs.
    • to advocate the wise use and preservation of natural resources in the watershed for the aesthetic, recreational, and economic benefit of the citizens of the area.
    • to educate the general public about the interrelationship of our waters, soils, plants, animals, and people.