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    WRWA’s new headquarters, the old Head Garage on Old County Road is finally under construction.  It is a fabulous site for connecting WRWA’s mission to the River and to projects we have developed to improve water quality.  Located in the “heart” of our watershed, the River Center will be a welcoming and engaging destination where the entire community and visitors can learn firsthand about our natural resources.

    We are thrilled to announce that five board members have collectively committed to $100,000 as a 1:1 match opportunity.  As a challenge to you and other members of the WRWA community, until July 1, 2019, your contribution to the River Center project will be matched dollar for dollar!

    Please consider making a on-time gift toward our goal.  We welcome gifts at all levels.

    Donate here:


    It’s Back! WRWA photo contest

    WRWA announces the traditional photo contest for the 2020 calendar.  We are looking for landscape and nature photos that show the unique beauty and diversity of the Westport River watershed in all four seasons (i.e. the river, streams, wildlife, plants, etc.), limit 5 photos per person. To submit an image, send photos to Steve at outreach@wrwa.com.

    Certain image criteria must be met for the image to be used :

    • Pictures should be submitted as JPGs.
    • Image size should be no smaller than 10 x 8 inches (pixel dimension 3000 x 2400).
    • Image resolution should be 300 dpi or greater, file size 1MB or greater. Each image should be given a title, with image title matching file name.  Artist name should be included for calendar credits.

    Questions about criteria and image submissions can be emailed to Steve Connors at outreach@wrwa.com or call 508-636-3016. By sending in your pictures you are allowing WRWA to use your pictures to inspire the appreciation and celebration of Westport’s natural resources. Independent judges will select the 13 best photos (one for the cover).  Send us your best Watershed photos!

    River Center Progress

    The River Center project is well underway, with construction crews working daily. For timely updates on the construction project, please subscribe to our periodic email updates, issued every two-to-three weeks.  These updates have more detailed descriptions of ongoing work, with recent photos.  SUBSCRIBE (outreach@wrwa.com).

    Click this link for more information on the project.

    Mission Statement

    The goals of the Westport River Watershed Alliance are to:

    • promote the environmental integrity of the watershed and its coastal environs.
    • to advocate the wise use and preservation of natural resources in the watershed for the aesthetic, recreational, and economic benefit of the citizens of the area.
    • to educate the general public about the interrelationship of our waters, soils, plants, animals, and people.