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    WRWA is looking for a new Executive Director

    This is an important and exciting time for WRWA and its professional staff.  We are engaged in several major projects, including:

    (1) management of a million dollar river and oyster restoration project in the East Branch of the Westport River,

    (2) continuation and expansion of our award winning education program, which reaches every PreK through 12
    student in the Westport School System and maintains an active summer program as well,

    (3) maintenance of our continuous water quality sampling program for the Westport River Watershed, which has
    been in place for 23 years and is used by state and federal agencies to monitor the watershed,

    (4) advocacy and coordination with the community and state regulators to develop and implement cost-effective,
    environmentally sound nitrogen and bacteria mitigation plans for the Westport River Watershed; and

    (5) the maintenance and expansion of our active and outstanding base of community and donor support.

    These and other activities undertaken by the WRWA over its 38-year history have steadily improved the health of the Westport River and its watershed and made it an outstanding example of local, community-based support and action for conservation in coastal New England.

    We are now entering a new era.  The WRWA has just purchased an historic building at the Head of Westport, located on the Westport River, near the Town’s schools and library.  We are totally renovating the building to be our new Science and Education Center.  We are looking for an Executive Director who can lead the organization using this new facility to maintain and expand our educational and environmental programs.

    The position and WRWA are described more fully in the attached document.  Please contact the search committee and send resumes to the following e-mail address wrwaedsearch@yahoo.com or to the address:

    WRWA Search Committee
    Post Office Box 3661
    Westport, MA 02790

    Working Together to Clean Up the River

    The Town of Westport recently received the results of a multi-year study done as part of the Massachusetts Estuaries Project (MEP). This project was developed to help guide towns in their assessment and management of their coastal rivers and bays, which is required by the federal Clean Water Act. The MEP informs towns about how much nitrogen there is in their bays and rivers, what a healthy level of nitrogen is, and options for cleaning up the bays and rivers.  For more information click here.

    Mission Statement

    The goals of the Westport River Watershed Alliance are to:

    • promote the environmental integrity of the watershed and its coastal environs.
    • to advocate the wise use and preservation of natural resources in the watershed for the aesthetic, recreational, and economic benefit of the citizens of the area.
    • to educate the general public about the interrelationship of our waters, soils, plants, animals, and people.